Running Sneakers workers on Kubernetes

Allow Sneakers to receive SIGTERM

  1. Stop consuming the queue
  2. Finish any work that’s in progress on messages that have already been pulled from the queue.
  3. Terminate
command: ["bundle", "exec", "rake", "sneakers:run"]
command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "WORKERS=MyWorker rake sneakers:run"]
- name: WORKERS
value: MyWorker

Increase the grace period

terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 180

Application level shutdown handling

class MyWorker
include Sneakers::Worker
from_queue :my_queue,
durable: true,
exchange: 'domain_events',
exchange_options: { type: :topic },
prefetch: 100,
threads: 1,
routing_key: [:EVENT_HAPPENED]
def work(message)
@counter += 1

return ack! unless @counter >= 10_000

@counter = 0
def stop




Software engineer

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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison

Software engineer

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